Refilling Prescriptions

Please ask your physician for a prescription refill at the time of your appointment. Be sure you have an adequate supply of medication to last until your next appointment. Please check your prescription(s) for accuracy before leaving the office.

Also, please note: Opioid refills (such as morphine or hydromorphone) are only prescribed for a one-month period of time and cannot be refilled over the phone or afterhours. Patients must make an appointment to see the healthcare provider to refill opioid prescriptions. There will be no medication refills at night, weekends or holidays.

What opioid prescribing restrictions should I know about?

All persons with pain deserve to be provided treatments that can help them. At the same time, however, opioid medicines can be harmful drugs and at least two agencies in the United States are concerned with reducing the risks of opioid misuse, addiction, overdose, and deaths. These are the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The DEA requires qualifying healthcare providers to be specially licensed to prescribe opioid pain relievers, and there are several restrictions or rules:

  • For stronger as well as longer-acting opioid medicines, a prescription personally signed by the healthcare provider is required.
  • Unlike for most other medicines, an order for a strong or long-acting opioid cannot simply be called-in or faxed to the pharmacy, except in certain rare emergencies.
  • State laws may dictate how many day’s supply can be ordered in a single prescription for a strong or long-acting opioid medicine.

In certain cases, up to three 30-day prescriptions for the same strong or long-acting opioid may be provided to a patient during a single visit. This covers 90 days; however, each prescription must be appropriately dated and they all cannot be filled at the same time. Some states may have additional special requirements, so ask your opioid prescriber.

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